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Plumeria Leis, Hawaii's Favorite - $12 each

Guaranteed perfect- your leis arrive on time and in great shape or there’s no charge. How to Order

The Classic homegrown Hawaiian lei- Yellow Plumerias
If you grew up in Hawaii then you no doubt have picked your own plumerias and strung them into a lei. Was it for mainland visitors, cousins graduating, baby luaus... or no reason at all? Everybody has a favorite tree, maybe even in your own backyard, or your Auntie’s or the neighbor’s down the street. They are everywhere if you look. For sure our hula dancers today will all have long term relationships with at least a tree or two they can rely on for fresh flowers. Schoolgirls, walking past a tree, will put a flower in their hair on the way to school in the morning. Plumerias are definitely the flower for everyday people in the everyday life of Hawaii.

Symbols of Aloha
Even beyond that, Plumerias are certainly symbols of Aloha. This explains why their images can be found in the logos and advertising of even the most unlikely businesses. And the fragrance? Ahhhh... If you’ve ever smelled them you know what I mean. Combining the symbolism and the fragrance of real plumerias on the mainland creates magic. It’s a simple and cost effective way to enjoy and capitalize on the essence and ambiance of Hawaii and the Aloha Spirit.

For example, just as there are many meanings for aloha, there are a lot of really good reasons to get a hold of Hawaii’s favorite fragrant icon on the mainland:

If it’s your business and/or your calling to celebrate and promote the Hawaiian culture;
If you want to make a big event really memorable- literally in some ways beyond your imagination; Fragrance Link
If you want to turn your lawn party into a luau;
Or if you long to take your friends to the tropics, maybe at least in your dreams;

Then definitely you should use fresh-from-Hawaii plumerias at your celebration.


Maybe you’ve heard from your florist or another lei dealer that it’s kind of chancy shipping plumerias to the mainland? They don’t hold up? Well, frankly there may be some truth to that coming from their shops. They are not easy flowers to ship. At the least you want those flowers on their way ASAP after picking. You know, straight off the farm. We offer you the added confidence of dealing directly with Hawaii’s largest plumeria grower while at the same time I hope you enjoy the personal touch of working simply with our family farm. Over the past several years we have successfully shipped well over 1 million plumerias to the mainland. Each one a little ambassador of aloha. Not bragging, but we’re pretty happy with our work.

Throughout our web site you’ll see a few of many, many testimonials we have received over the years, completely unsolicited, in praise of our plumerias. We know you’ll love them too.

May our flowers bring you great joy! Aloha!

How to Order


We can't thank you enough for the wonderful leis. My mom went to high school in Hawaii and we had a luau here in Texas for her 60th birthday. The leis arrived in perfect condition and were the hit of the party. It really made her day. Thanks a million. George, Texas

Thank you for the wonderful plumerias. They arrived as expected and in awesome condition. You exceeded my expectations. Our party guests were very impressed with all the plumeria leis. I will definitely order from your company again.
Savali, San Antonio, TX

Thank you so much for your beautiful flowers! The leis I ordered arrived on time and in excellent condition! They smelled absolutely wonderful. I had forgotten what plumerias smelled like since it has been almost 15 years since my last visit to Hawaii. The smell brought a huge smile to my face. I'm so glad you have this business. This certainly won't be the last time I order leis from you! Thank you again. Dennis, Oakland, CA

The Leis were beautiful. When they arrived the whole office was filled with their fragrance. I did exactly as instructed soaking them in cold water when they arrived. Put them in an ice chest for the remainder of the day and overnight. The day of the event I once again soaked them and returned them to the ice chest. We didn’t use them until that evening and there were as fresh and beautiful as when they arrived. We received many compliments and have referred a few people to your website.

It's our ho'ike lu'au time again, and we were so pleased with the plumerias last year for our 10th annual that we thought we'd do it again! The fragrance just brings us closer to home and the audience loves when our keiki go out into the audience to pass out leis.

R. Kau'i Kahaku
Halau Na Wai Ola

I sent you the email in the morning to let you know that the plumerias had arrived safely. At 5 PM, as each of my hula students arrived at hula class, I gave them a plumeria on a toothpick to wear in her hair during hula class. They all looked especially beautiful and happy. At the end of class, we spread a sheet onto the dance floor and gently placed the plumeria on them. Everyone was so thrilled and enthralled by the beauty and fabulous fragrance. It was a special treat to get different colors and sizes of plumeria. Some of the blossoms were gigantic! Wow! I distributed lei needles and thread and we proceeded to string leis that were then given with aloha and a kiss. Each girl also got a bunch of flowers to take home and wear in her hair on Saturday. Some of us went out to dinner after class. A woman approached me and commented how beautiful my flowers were. I gave her one of my plumeria hair pics and she will thrilled. Today I took a lei and plumeria hairpieces to the ladies at my gym. They were thrilled. too! It's wonderful how something as simple as a plumeria can bring such joy. Of course, growing up surrounded by these gifts from God, I've always known the joy they bring. Today I'll be stringing leis to take to my Tahitian friend in Santa Fe tomorrow. I know she'll be very happy to have fresh plumeria in her hair and around her neck. Mahalo nui loa. You can rest assured that we'll look to you again to supply us with more plumeria joy.

Cindi - CA


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