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Best Method: E-mail your order to us

Please use the form on our Contact/Order page. I'd give you our email but it just gets overwhelmed with spam. Also, we've chosen to forsake the complicated shopping carts and "secure" order pages. We're trying to keep this simple. But it takes a couple steps. The first thing you have to do is decide what you want and when you want them. With our Molokai-style nod to high tech, we think the best way then is for you to e-mail your order to us. It's just a good idea for you to be the one to write down all the important information. And you can do this 24x7.

Items to include in your order

  • What you want.
  • When you want them to arrive.
  • To whom do we send them.
  • Where do we send them.
  • Contact phone number. Best time to call.
  • Any comments on your organization seeking wholesale prices.
When we get your tentative order we'll check the date for availability and figure out a total cost. Then we'll call you to confirm your delivery date and the final price quote. And this will also be our chance to get a credit card number for payment.

We have a 100% Guarantee -

Our flowers arrive on time and in good shape or you get your money back. Seriously, you are fully satisfied or your money back.

Do I Qualify for Wholesale?


20% Off!

Thanks to our volume discount, we can offer 20% off the listed FedEx price for their terrific Priority Overnight service. Plus we'll pay all the surcharges. It's still expensive but it works.

The cost is calculated by weight, so it all depends on how many flowers you order.

#Flowers Pounds FedEx Price Your Price
1-300 3 $46.00 $36.80
400-1100 5 $55.35 $44.28
1200-2000 9 $72.90 $58.32
2500-4000 18 $106.45 $85.16

If you are buying leis, multiply the number of leis by 50 to calculate the number of flowers in your shipment.

Every box is insulated and packed with a frozen gel-pack. In additon to the FedEx charge there is a $8 per box packing and handling charge.

Everything was perfect. The leis were (are) absolutely GORGEOUS and wearing them on stage last night made the whole event all the more wonderful. The whole concert hall smelled of delicious plumeria onaona.
A big MAHALO. It was all worth it to have so many flowers. Mahalo -Jordan, Saint Paul - MN

You guys did an amazing job! Thanks so much! It was our pleasure! Danielle - Harry Winston, Inc. - New York-NY

My daughter graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz yesterday. We gave your leis to many of her friends and their families. EVERYONE sends you a HUGE mahalo. They were wondrous-still vibrant & fragrant after their long voyage (thanks to your guidance and my loving care). My car still carries the scents of Molokai and my ice chest will be forever blessed. I described your orchard to all. No corporate horticulture and real live people giving joy to many.Warm regards,
Sharon, Santa Cruz - CA<

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