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Guaranteed perfect- your leis arrive on time and in great shape or there’s no charge. The Classic Hawaiian lei flower – Yellow Plumerias.
50 make one lei. (That’s only $6.50 a lei!)

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Guaranteed perfect – your leis arrive on time and in great shape or there’s no charge. The Classic homegrown Hawaiian lei – Yellow Plumerias.

Fragrance and Flowers

There’s a big, beautiful plumeria orchard on the leeward coast of Molokai about 2.5 miles west of Kaunakakai. This is Molokai Plumerias. The trees here enjoy abundant sunshine and shelter from heavy trade winds. You would call it “hot and dry” but plumerias love it……

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They don’t look like much but they are surprisingly effective little starts for your plumeria garden at home.
9-10 inch Sticks $2
14-18 inch 3 Tip Forked cuttings
Brand New! Canopy Cuttings

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