Cuttings for Sale too! $2 and up!

Classic Yellow, AKA Celedine

9-10 inch Sticks $2
They don’t look like much but they are surprisingly effective little starts for your plumeria garden at home. You’ll see these hanging in little bags at the Honolulu airport or variety stores around the islands. Kind of fun for group gifting; for example party favors or perhaps gifts for your bridesmaids and/or groomsmen.

14-18 inch 3 Tip Forked cuttings $8 each or 3 for $20.
With a nice 3 pronged fork and a little more meat on the stick you’ll shave years off the time to your first bloom. Moreover, planting with a forked cutting placed low in a container allows your plumeria to develop better proportions. Many mainland plumerias that we have seen suffer from growing too tall too fast.

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Brand New! Canopy Cuttings- Multi-tips $5 per tip
These cuttings will have a minimum of 5 tips. We’ve sent some out with up to 10 tips. We can get a few of these every year by cutting from the tops of mature trees. Here the forking patterns are a lot more random and closely spaced.
What’s really cool about these cuttings is something we can’t prove but is more observation and anecdote. Don’t laugh but cuttings kind of “remember” where they came from. The Sticks and 3-Tips are “programmed” to stretch and grow into a tall tree. The Canopy Cuttings have already arrived. They are much more inclined to keep their low profile, sort of dwarf characteristics but full size flowers. They make a really great potted plant.
Hopefully we’ll get some pictures up soon

How To Order


I got home from work to a box full of beautiful cuttings, nice, fat, multi-branched, and dry!! I super glued the 4 or 5 branches that were breaking off, curious to see how well they heal. I’ve always noticed that they seem to heal quickly.

Many, many thanks!!! The leis arrived on time and were PERFECT!!! They were so fresh; I wanted to crawl in the box and smell Hawaii. Everyone is asking where we got them. Our graduates loved them, and stood out in the crowd.

Someone said; “I wanted everyone to see this lei and know this kid is loved”.Thank you for helping make our graduation special. Truly, your plumeria leis are Aloha.
Peggy, Oceanside, CA

Aloha! I just wanted to send you this quick e/m to tell you how wonderful you are! Your Pua’s were B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L …they were flawless…and lasted until Sunday for the wedding and the show! The kids looked awesome with them dancing! It was great! I will definitely recommend you and will use you again!!!
Tracey, Rohnert Park, CA

Mahalo for the pua melia (plumeria) – arrived on Thursday as request, remained in excellent condition throughout the weekend…sold out both days….mahalo! Always great doing business with you folks on Molokai.
Mahalo, aloha, a hui hou,
Ka`ala Pang