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Buy Ti Leaf Leis

The ti-leaf lei is used to honor men of royalty and of high esteem.
Ancient Hawaiian folklore believed that the deep green Ti Leaf bestowed respect and good luck upon its recipients.
Each lei consists of multiple ti leaf ropes that have been joined together to encircle your loved ones with protection and peace.

Traditional Ti Leaf Lei

Ti leaf or Ki lau in Hawaiian represents protection and healing. This standard lei says just that, with a little Aloha.

Standard Single $15

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Maile Ti Lei – Double

The double Maile style Ti lei is for that rare occasion, when words are not enough to express how much you care.

Maile Double – $30

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Plumeria Lei Po’o

Hawaiian Head Lei – This is a unique lei that is used to adorn your loved one with success and health in all their new endeavors.

Head Lei – $50

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Maile Ti Leaf Lei

This Maile Ti lei is for that special someone. It’s a reminder that you two will always be close. Why not say that, with a hint of plumeria, to help them remember that they are like a sweet aroma to you.

Single – $20

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Maile Ti Lei with Plumeria

With Plumerias $32

You can add plumeria for an additional $2 to any of your choices.

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The spiral lei you sent was just georgous when it arrived, even though it had warmed up a bit in two days of travel. I followed your directions to submerge it in cold water then shake it out gently and it perked right up. I kept it cool with refreezeable ice paks and it was perfect when I presented real Frangipani to my leading lady. After telling her that an imaginary flower was Frangipani through 6 weeks of rehearsals, she was floored. The fragrance filled the dressing rooms in our community theater here in Leavenworth, KS. You are the only growers I found that had the courage to send a lei made of such delicate flowers all the way here. Most would only go to the West coast. And it was absolutely beautiful. Thanks again. When my wife and I return to Hawaii on our second honeymoon for our 25th anniversary I plan to look you up personally to shake your hands. See you in three years.
Edd – KS

I can’t thank you enough for the Plumerias. We were so busy with all the wedding preparations that I haven’t had the time to express my gratitude towards the excellent condition the plumerias arrived in and also the timely delivery that eased my mind tremendously. The Plumerias were obviously a big hit and the smell was just wonderful. It lend that special touch to this wedding.
Winnie – CA