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Frequently Answered Questions

How long will plumerias last?

We have regular customers who receive their flowers every Wednesday. They tell me that, should the plumerias remain unsold, they are still decent by the next Monday or Tuesday. This is a well-prepared florist. For most of you we recommend timing the delivery to the morning of the event. OK, if the BIG day is already just too crazy, the day before is just fine too with minimal care.

How many flowers does it take to make a lei?

It takes about 50 for a classic greeting length. At the other end, we’ve seen elaborate leis on hula dancers that must have taken many hundreds of flowers each.

What’s the best way to store them?

We keep ours at 60 degrees. Our florist friend goes down to 52. That’s what to aim for. A simple way to achieve this is to cover the bottom of an ice chest with a thin layer of ice or a couple frozen gel packs. Separate the flowers from direct contact with anything frozen. We use bubble wrap in our shipping boxes. Leis will do very well in this environment. Warning! Refrigerators are set closer to 40 and have been known to turn the flowers brown in the middle.

Every shipment comes with care instructions that will serve as a timely reminder.

How far ahead should I order?

Why wait? We do have limited supply and weekends especially can be sold out early. Book your order now. We’ll call you a couple weeks in advance to confirm. It’s only then that we charge your credit card.

Do you have any reds, pinks, mauve, rainbow… colors?

Less than 5% of our orchard is of any color other than yellow. They are mostly there just for show and tell. Seasonally and by special request, there will hopefully be enough to add some “accents” to the all yellow leis.

What’s your guarantee?

It’s simple. Our flowers have to arrive on time and in great shape. If they don’t and you’re not happy, there’s no charge. 100% money back.

If your question isn’t addressed here, shoot on over to the Contact Us Page and send it to us. We’ll email an answer right away.


Mahalo nui loa for your beautiful plumeria!!! We had a beautiful ho’ike and folks loved the plumeria!!!!
Leimomi, ElkGrove,CA

Thank you very much. We received the flowers in time and we all had a great time making leis. The flowers lasted a couple of days and we were able to provide leis and lei making opportunities to several family members and friends. We highly recommended you to everyone!
Sean, Santa Barbara, CA

The plumerias have arrived and I could smell the fabulous fragrance right
through the box and packaging. There were plumerias in my hair within minutes of their arrival. Absolutely beautiful!!! My haumana are going to be so thrilled to be able to make a plumeria lei today. Mahalo nui loa!!!! Me ke aloha pumehana,
Cindi, Albuquerque,NM

I want to thank you so much for the beauty of those plumerias. I was just astonished – how do these stay fresh, beautiful, and delicately scented for so long? My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary with memories of Hawaii and it was perfect. In fact, all of us at the dinner got to wear a lei! Thank you so much. I’ll definitely be ordering again. Much mahalo,
Becky, Green Bay, WI

You guys are the best! The plumerias arrived looking beautiful as usual.
Mahalo nui loa,
Patrick Makuakane, San Francisco,CA